Vicks Forehead ThermometerHEALTH CARE

Vicks Forehead Thermometer
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<div class="gray-text paddingl70"> <ul class="list-normal"> <li>Noninvasive design is suitable for use, even on a baby.</li> <li>Fever InSight color display system helps you better understand the meaning of your child’s temperature.</li> <li>Clinically proven accuracy</li> <li>Fast 3-second readings</li> <li>ComfortTouch™ sensor for gentle, precise temperatures every time</li> <li>Easy to hold and use</li> <li>MemoryTracker™ recalls last 12 temperature readings.</li> <li>Good for all ages</li> <li><strong>Warranty :</strong> 2 years</li> </ul> </div>