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AnuSpa Anuved Vibhuti Soap
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<p><strong><span>Holy ashes for a holy bath</span></strong><span class="apple-converted-space"><strong><span> </span></strong></span><span><br /> After every Hindu puja, the pandit hands over a packet of vibhuti to the participants of the puja to apply on their body. Usually applied in three lines on the forehead, this ritual is inspired by Lord Shiva's act of smearing himself with Vibhuti – holy ash – as a symbol of purity. AnuVed offers a soap made from Vibhuti collected from the HavanKund of AryaSamaj, where havans (yajnas) take place with powerful jadibutis. Further enriched with the purity of Rishikesh Gangajal, this soap offers you a pavitra snan before your daily puja.<span class="apple-converted-space"> </span></span></p> <p><span><strong><span>Details -</span></strong><span class="apple-converted-space"> </span>Get inspired by Lord Shiva's act of smearing himself with holy ash</span></p> <p><span><strong><span>Contains -</span></strong><span class="apple-converted-space"> </span>Rishikesh Gangajal, Bhasmi of mango wood, Ghee & Havan samagri from havankund of Arya Samaj temple</span></p>